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Scan and Index - Convert those cumbersome paper documents sitting in file cabinets into searchable computer files. Instantly find the exact document you are searching for so that you can move your business forward. Business Alternatives scans your documents, creates PDF files of all of your images, customizes its software to your specifications and then ties the two together for you.

Instantly View/Print/Fax/Email all of your:
Legal Documentation
Client/Patient Information
Medical Charts
Insurance Documents

Data Key Operations - Let Business Alternatives unlock the vital 'data' that you need to efficiently run your business. Information is the key to every business and having accurate, detailed information is paramount. Pulling the data off of the paper that is basically wasting away in your file cabinets can put that information to work for you. Whether you need the data in ASCII Text, Access, Excel, etc. we will accurately get your information back to you in the format you require in the timeframe that you need.

Since each set of data entry requirements are unique we would like to speak to you concerning your project. Please Request a Quote or give us a call @ 718-822-3705 today.

Off-Site Records Storage - Free up space in your office/file room by storing your dead files in our secure facility. Whether or not you have scanned in your files with us you may use our storage facility. 24-hour turnaround in calling back files, timed destruction/disposal of unneeded files and, when needed, pickup and delivery of your files to and from your office. Low monthly fees based on your needs.

Custom Programming - Allow Business Alternatives to create a custom solution for your office to perform routine tasks, calculations, mailings, etc. Still using EXCEL spreadsheets or WORD documents as your means of communicating with your customers? Our programmers are experts in quickly getting your office the solution you need. Please Request a Quote or give us a call @ 718-822-3705 today to discuss your project.

Other Services - To find out more about the following: Database Creation & Management, Survey Mailing and Tabulation, Data Conversion, Paper and E-Forms design ~ please Request a Quote or give us a call @ 718-822-3705 to discuss your project.