About Business Alternatives

Established February 2002 in New York City, Business Alternatives has been servicing varying types of businesses with document management solutions, data entry outsourcing and custom solutions that save time and money across the enterprise. Customer Service, Security and the relationship that we establish with our clients is of the utmost importance. We at Business Alternatives feel we work with your business not just for it and together we are striving to create a seamless feel to your data. Business Alternatives currently services companies that have thousands of employees across multiple worksites across the country as well as dozens of single person, home-based businesses.

Our company motto "rethinking digital business" is taken into account whenever we deal with our clients. We strive in every way to utilize the technology that you currently have in your office, along with our customized software, to create a digital file cabinet for your documentation. You will be able to pull up any paper document in your office on your computer screen within seconds. No longer will you need to shuffle through file folders filled with paper you don't need to find that single document, form or fax. Once you have your document on screen, you may print, fax and/or email that document to anyone in the world.


Business Alternatives will remove the mundane tasks that your business must perform just to keep your vital information flowing. Whether you're in the market for imaging, data entry or custom programming, we at Business Alternatives will meet your needs.

Our Clientele:
  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Physicians, Doctors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Brokerages
  • Engineering Firms
  • Travel Agencies

Please give us a call to find out more about Business Alternatives. We can be reached in our offices using the following numbers: 718.822.3705 or 718.822.0215.
You may also send us an email to request any additional information using Info@BusinessAlternatives.com.

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